Born and raised in New York, Neal Sperling began developing his technique-driven philosophy as a student at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After heading the school’s yearly fashion show, he went on to intern for Geoffrey Beene, and later working for Hérve Léger in Paris.

“In 2004, Neal launched his eponymous collection in a hotel room in Paris. Fashioned from a light, sheer Italian cotton jersey, the eleven pieces were deceptively simple—expertly draped and beautifully finished. Some were distinguishable by their subtly turned hems—rolled to create the very gentlest pouf; the edges of others were folded like the petals of a tulip. It was a small collection—just five tops, four skirts, and two dresses—but it was so precise as to be entirely complete. This opinion was shared, as this first collection was picked up by BARNEYS, MAXFIELD, BLAKE, and UNITED ARROWS in Tokyo.”
-Amy Larocca

Neal Sperling has been featured in various international publications including VOGUE, HARPERS BAZAAR, ELLE, WWD

“So what does it take to launch a must-have fashion label? For Neal Sperling, a mere eleven items…think seasonless functionality, balletic hues and silhouettes”
-Irini Arakas for VOGUE

“…Neal Sperling knows a thing or two about what women want…”
-Jenny Rubinfeld Levin for HARPERS BAZAAR

“When Neal Sperling launched his signature collection he did so without fanfare, runways, or models. What Sperling has in spades, however, is vision. With artful twists and folds, Sperling gives…unexpected movement and volume.”
-Armand Limnander for ELLE

“Sperling gained instant fans with his whisper-soft jersey tops and dresses in an equally delicate palette cleverly constructed to drape just so.”
-Meenal Mistry for WWD Scoop

The collection was available in the U.S. in over 40 specialty stores including Barneys, Jeffrey, Maxfield, Ikram. Internationally the collection could be found at esteemed retailers including United Arrows in Tokyo, Boon the Shop in Seoul, and Colette in Paris.

Classically trained and technique based, Neal Sperling blends traditional references with contemporary shapes and fabrics. This new collection is a continuation of his vision of quiet luxury, with attention to form and construction. Working with special fabrics from Europe and Japan, the collection is produced in New York City.